Published Album Portfolio (click on the images to listen to the album)

Whilst Drew has co-written for numerous artists ranging in genre from Heavy Metal to Swedish House Music the below offers a snap shot of the full published albums he has released.




Produced by Drew Davies and Daniel Edwards and Mixed by Donald Clark (Guns and Roses), Mastered by Mandy Parnell (Byork).

Review taken from ALLMUSIC.COM:

"They say timing is everything, and it could very well be on the side of British heavy rockers Mercy House as they unleash their debut album, A Broken State of Bliss, in 2012. After all, some of the band's biggest influences -- Alice in ChainsSoundgarden -- have blazed the comeback trail, while others like Guns 'N Roses and Velvet Revolver are either trading on old glories or still out there looking for a new singer, so why shouldn't the Mercy House step up to the plate of opportunity and swing for the fences? First single "Greed" encapsulates the Mercy House sound as efficiently as you would hope: by welding ball-shrinking Axl screams and angst-ridden Layne Staley baritones onto textbook Cantrell riffs (groovy, downtuned, and mid-paced) for a hybrid familiarity later duplicated with varying quality throughout the album (highlights include "My Disease," "Unclean," and the title cut). Obviously, these songs' familiar sonic hallmarks wind up stuffing the Mercy House men "in a box" (so to speak) that's musically all-too-predictable, but they generally work regardless, or perhaps because they are all-too-predictable. Lest we forget, such is the way with established music templates (including the "softer side" displayed by the group on "The End"), is it not? So now it remains to be seen whether the timing is indeed right for the Mercy House's ascension. The band had just better pray that Slash and company don't hear A Broken State of Bliss and decide to poach singer Drew Davies for their own vacancy."




Co-Produced by Drew Davies and Mark Anderson. Mixed by Steve Honest (Oasis, Eurythmics) and Master at AIR Lyndhurst by John Webber (David Bowie, Super Furry Animals). Released during the National Lockdowns.

Review taken from MEDIUM.COM:

"Highlights include “Living The Dream,” featuring a heady amalgamation of new wave flavors and rousing alt-rock. Brilliant synths project glistening washes of color atop a driving cadence, while Davies’ voice gives the lyrics intense coloration. “Mrs. Taylor” opens on surging expanding guitars riding a straight forward rhythm. Glowing vocal harmonies inject the tune with mysterious dimension, as Davies discharges taut wistful timbres. There’s a scrumptious keening edge to this song, tight and slightly grungy. “Can’t Deny” begins with swirling colors chockfull of looming sensitivity, as Davies narrates his emotional status as his lover leaves. Rife with intimate expressions, “Can’t Deny” drives home feelings of regret and loss with undeniable emotion. A personal favorite is the final track, “Who We Are,” with its grand elegant piano crowned by crying guitars riding rumbling drums, imbuing the harmonics with irresistible yearning pulses, akin to a heart throbbing.

Wrought with graceful lustrous layers of sound, as well as surging raw energy, Drew Davies has produced a wonderful collection of captivating songs."